ZETA DIVISION, the Japanese VALORANT team, has refused to participate in the VCT APAC qualifiers. The decision came after all the Japanese national teams competed hard at the VCT Masters Three Berlin and have already lost twice. They are the second team in Japan to qualify for the VCT Championships after their participation in Berlin. Despite ZETA DIVISION performing well on the APAC LCQ, their club decided to use the rest of the year to rebuild the team for 2022.

“The VCT Masters Berlin is worse than expected. Based on this result, we have decided to use that time to rebuild the team for 2022 rather than join the APAC LCQ,” the club said in a statement.
The decision has already been considered, but it has been postponed after ZETA DIVISION won the third round of the JP VCT.

The VCT APAC LCQ will run from October 11 to 17 and will see 10 Asian teams, including Paper Rex and NU END_TURN Gaming, compete for the VCT Champions VALORANT title. The most prestigious in the year 2021.