As you all know, Xbox has officially announced the Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge at E3 2021 recently. The most interesting thing is that it has a design that looks very similar to the Xbox Series X, except that it is made for cold drinks.

In early April 2021, Aaron Greenberg, the marketing manager for Xbox, promised to make the Xbox Series X mini fridge after winning the Skittles poll on Twitter. According to a new video posted by Xbox Live on YouTube, it can store up to 10 drinks at a time. Because it is smaller than a regular refrigerator, we can store it in our own room (does not need a lot of space) and easily take a drink every time you get tired of controlling the game.

From the jokes (as a meme) to the actual product, the Xbox mini refrigerator called the Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge will officially go on sale next month at the end of 2021.