About two months ago, Microsoft officially announced the release of Windows 11, and at the same time increased the demand for PC-enabled features to the next generation of Windows. Recently, Microsoft has once again confirmed the possibility that the computer can be upgraded to Windows 11.

According to Microsoft itself, in order to run Windows 11 according to their standards, your computer must be equipped with an Intel CPU or higher. From Zen 2 onwards for AMD CPUs. This means that those running Intel 7th generation CPUs and below will not be able to support Windows 11, and neither will AMD Zen 1 CPUs, so you will not receive a Windows Update update from Microsoft. Not personally.

However, there are exceptions to the 7th generation Intel CPUs, obviously the Core X-series, Xeon W-series and Core i7-7820HQ models will still be able to update to Windows 11 without issue.

If you still want to upgrade to Windows 11, there is still a way for users of Intel 7th generation CPUs down or AMD Zen 1, you can install Windows 11 ISO yourself, because this installation will Do not check computer properties.