WePlay AniMajor is about to reach its peak. Today, winner AniMajor will be crowned with T1, Evil Geniuses and PSG.LGD all still vying for the final major trophy before the 10th international tournament. The action in the game so far has been intense with the best Dota 2 team in the world.

Prior to the event, there was some concern that the animal theme for some non-animal viewers or that the theme may not look good. Anime may be a topic that may have a lot of hardcore fans and many people who do not like it, but WePlay has designed something that appeals to everyone. The action in the game so far has been intense, with the two best Dita teams in the world at the top of their game. Is an anime theme that has created a design and broadcast talent that really brought the event to Dota 2.

Dominik “Lacoste” Stipić, one of the performers at the event, says, “The Dota community and the cartoon community have a lot in common. “I think it was a great idea to combine the two and I saw a lot of positive feedback about it. After the release of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood on Netflix, many people who had not previously joined Dota 2 learned about the game.

The release of the Dota anime online earlier this year really helped the event. Not only are more and more Dota fans interested in the anime concept after its success, but it has also made people more aware of Dota, and both WePlay and Valve know that now is the best time to launch the game. Anime style.