Electronic Arts, the maker of a number of popular gaming apps such as Apex Legends, Battlefield, FIFA and Madden, has come under fire from tech security researchers after the company failed to take action to fix some of their vulnerabilities. Reported to the company since December 2020.

This vulnerability was discovered in the management of the site name and some other incorrect settings in the DNS system. This allows anonymous people to download the site name and manage it, and they can create fake email accounts that look exactly like the company’s official email, then they can use this email to deceive users or employees of the company.

Researchers have reported to the company at least 10 website names that could be downloaded by anonymous users. Although EA has stated that it will contact them if they need more information, they have not yet made any inquiries and have not made any changes.

It should also be noted that last week, the company just fixed another loophole that allows anonymous people to hack into the gamer’s account and download important data such as credit card numbers after the company received. Report from security research firm Check Point and CyberInt.