When it comes to the future of its Game Changers division in VALORANT, the Version1 company is going all in, officially signing a team that is loaded with talent and poised to rule both the NA Game Changers scene and the NA Challengers League.

Melanie “meL” Capone and Alexis Guarrasi, who formerly played for Cloud9 White, have joined Version1. Additionally, Ava “florescent” Eugene, Nicole “Noia” Tierce, and Sarah Simpson have joined the team to round out the lineup.

After the storied C9 White lineup was broken up last month, Version1 struck gold by acquiring both meL and Alexis. Jack Etienne, the creator of C9 White, allegedly spoke with meL about the possibility of “creating a top co-ed roster for Ascension” under the C9 label, but Riot’s policy prohibiting associated companies from fielding “academy” teams rendered that plan all but impossible.

The company was able to concentrate on this new Version1 squad, which will try to participate in both the NA Game Changers and the NA Challengers League in 2023, because Version1 failed to secure a partnership and had all of its core roster members leave for places like Cloud9 and G2. The lineup, formerly known as NeverDone, has already registered to play in the first NA Challengers open qualification.

While the most notable additions to Version1 are meL and Alexis from C9 White, florescent, who put up absolutely insane stats in the duelist role throughout the whole NA Game Changers campaign last year, is also receiving a contract.

Today’s first open qualifying bracket of the NA Challengers League will mark the team’s Version1 debut.