Valve founder Gabe Newell cited the popularity of the most expensive Steam Deck model to draw its attention to an unprecedented high-end upgrade.

“We want a new, more expensive version,” in terms of capacity or whatever, “Newell said.

The most expensive version of Steam Deck sells for $ 649.99 with 512GB of internal storage via NVMe M.2 SSD on 256GB and 64GB models. In addition, this model comes with carved protective glass and case to carry. All Steam Deck models use the same custom AMD RDNA 2 APUs developed by Valve.

Valve seems to have expanded the appeal of several of Steam’s most popular gaming PCs, verified to run on Steam Deck, including the recently released Elden Ring. Steam Deck 2 may not be here for years, but it looks like a more powerful laptop is coming soon.