VALORANT “Ravoux” players share their work with a set that shows what they can achieve using the map design and tools in Unreal Engine 5 that lead to perfection. The results that Ravoux has created are impressive with the quality of the snowfall as well as its beautiful shades and vibrant colors.

Ravoux aims to create this Map Icebox to showcase the quality and other aspects of his creations. It looks like he achieved his goal by creating this amazing Map Icebox for everyone to see.

According to Ravoux’s video posted on Youtube, there are three main programs used to create Map Icebox video: Maya, Substance Painter, and Quixel. All of this is in Unreal Engine 5, which takes a lot of time to create this map.

Ravoux’s video creations have been praised not only by the VALORANT community, but also by Riot staff. When VALORANT needs more updates, maybe we will see Ravoux work in the future.