Unicorns of Love unveiled their new team in PUBG Mobile today. Unicorns of Love’s PUBG Mobile group includes Lin “Llin” Davide, Wei “Gk1st” Jiawang, Rolandas “Rolkis” Paliukas, Nicklas “Fresh” Komander, and Shi “XT” Xiangtian.

While Fresh has left the remaining four former players from its former PUBG Mobile team, GK1st, Llin, and XT, acquired from Panda, who won the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) in Europe. West last June. Rolkis was a former member of the Lazarus team that finished fifth in the first season of the North American PMPL in April.

With this new group, Unicorns of Love will be looking to cover PUBG Mobile in the fall of 2021. In the first season of the PMPL of Western Europe, their team finished sixth and failed to reach the PMPL EMEA after announcing several team changes.

The Unicorns of Love team is currently in second place, plus two points from the first season of the PMPL in Western Europe. Only the team with the most points from both seasons of the Western European PMPL will be eligible for the 2021 PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC). Panda is currently No. 1, but it will be difficult to maintain that ranking after three of its players move to Unicorns of Love.