As reported by Travis Gafford, founder, owner and CEO of Team SoloMid, Andy “Reginald” Dinh has been fined $ 5,000 for his misconduct against fans and Cloud9 players. Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme.

The ‘import rule’ contained in LoL Esports has been a part of LoL Esports since its inception. It is a rule that determines each group has the right to select two additional members from different regions. For LCS teams, this means that 3 out of 5 players must be from North America or Oceania. Through numerous interviews with the owners of the LCS teams (led by Travis Gafford), it has been revealed that many of the LCS teams have requested the Riot Games to remove this policy, which has caused a great deal of controversy.

Through Twitter, Vulcan has revealed how he strongly opposes the repeal of the ‘import rule’. However, Reginald decided to retaliate in response to Vulcan’s tweet. He called the tweet “stupid” and went on to say, “If all the LCS teams leave the LCS- (Vulcan should) step down … and make some payments as well.”

Many celebrities in LoL Esports have criticized Reginald for his comments. Clayton ‘CaptainFlowers’ Raynes responded: “This tweet went 0-6” with reference to TSM’s shocking record at the 2020 LoL World Championship, while G2 Esports owner Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez is often referred to as “One dumb f ***** take”.

Since the day this happened, Reginald has apologized for his actions and shared his thoughts on the LCS in a statement. However, according to a report by Travis Gafford on the “Hotline League”, Riot Games did not stop Reginald from fining him $ 5,000 for his comments against Vulcan.