Since in-game toxicity has significantly grown recently, Ubisoft and Riot Games have joined forces to combat it. Many gamers suffer from the toxicity in in-game discussions. Even during their free time, it makes individuals less motivated. As a result, Ubisoft and Riot Games have recently cooperated on an initiative called Zero Harm in Comms. The goal of the initiative is to assist gamers in creating an environmentally friendly gaming environment.

Ubisoft and Riot Games aim to achieve Zero Harm in Comms

It has been made known that Ubisoft and Riot Games intend to access the crucial mechanism of the game using their anonymised information. The firms will benefit from knowing about the mitigating behaviors taking place among the gamers in-game.

Wesley Kerr, head of tech research at Riot Games, and Yves Jacquier expressed their disappointment with the poisonous environment that currently exists in the game. They continued by saying that this is a far greater issue for any corporation than it is for others. They will go through the player text data, sometimes referred to as personally identifiable information (PII) or personal information, as well as the portfolios of their respective gaming data.

As previously noted, this will aid in understanding the toxicity and the insulting phrases used by other players. Together, Yves Jacquier and Wesley Kerr hope to create an AI that will assist them in identifying cursed phrases and assist the Zero Harm in Comms team in learning about toxicity.

Zero Harm in Comms targets to build a better gaming community

Wesley Kerr claims that both businesses want players to be aware of their activities since doing so will make the neighborhood a safer place overall. The Heads also stated that this massive endeavor will alter the players’ view and communication in their minds.

The group has been working for the past six months and is ready to share their ideas with the gaming industry in the years to come. Both businesses have committed to maintaining a clean environment and giving players a trustworthy experience.

Ubisoft and Riot Games have considered a real-world issue and are attempting to make the gaming community safer and more welcoming to players. The corporations intend to access player personal information in order to read the text data. then evaluate the discussion with other participants as a result. The business appears to be quite confident about the endeavor and will undoubtedly create the finest gaming community.