PUBG: Battlegrounds is celebrating its 5th anniversary this month, and the developers have not only pushed for a new update that includes special anniversary rewards, but they also released a new map for 2022.

Starting in April, from the second half onwards, players may see the return of Map Sanhok to an older version of the map. Some minor adjustments will also be added to Map Paramo to balance.

Before the end of June, players can also expect the 7.62mm Assault Rifle to be added to the game, along with some major changes to the training mode.

The third semester is set between July and September and will feature a new map called Kiki, which is being released on social media. This map will include “cramped cities full of buildings of the near future” and many more nature-focused areas such as fields. Grasses and swamps. Along with the map itself, new vehicles called Airboats and Ascenders will also be included in Kiki.