The iPhone now has access to the second-generation Razer Kishi mobile gaming controller. The controller is $100, just as the Android version Razer unveiled a few months ago. On the Razer website, you may place an order.

The mechanism that ties the two sides together and secures your phone in place has seen the most significant alteration since the initial Kishi. In place of the flexible bridge, Razer has substituted a more durable sliding version (similar to the setup used by its rival, Backbone). As a result, Kishi V2 is compatible with all current iPhone models, including the iPhone 6S and all subsequent models as well as both iPhone SE iterations. Additionally, if you take off the rubber inserts, you might be able to slip your phone into position with the cover still on.

Razer has also changed the switches, swapping the membrane switches from the V1 with the microswitches from the Wolverine V2 console controllers. According to Razer, this “delivers benefits in actuation responsiveness, comfort, and tactile feedback.” There are now two more programmable buttons next to the triggers, as well as a Share button on the front.

These buttons may be configured by users through the Razer Nexus app. When you click the Share option, you’ll also need that app to upload your gameplay to Facebook or YouTube. Additionally, you may access compatible games through the app, which you can open with a gamepad button.

The Kishi V2 is compatible with cloud gaming platforms (such as Xbox Cloud Gaming and Google Stadia), console remote play applications, and MFi controller-compatible PC and iPhone games. Sadly, there isn’t a 3.5mm headphone connector; instead, there is a Lightning connection for passthrough charging.