The thrilling season two update Lights On for the multiplayer hero shooter T3 Arena is now playable on iOS and Android devices. Yaa, the newest playable character, as well as four new maps, new game types, and more, enter the fray.

The T3 Arena Season two update introduces a new hero, Yaa

Four new maps have entered the fray; they’re not only the biggest and most intricate ones yet, but they’ll also have a big influence on gameplay in the future. Each map will be linked to a certain game mode, such as Chinatown in Payload Race and Temple Ruins in Crystal Assault. Each level offers a distinct tactical edge, with Glass Platforms in Temple Ruins allowing players to observe attackers from above or below.

Yaa, a specialist in track and field, enters the scene with a focus on agility. She can swiftly engage foes with her gale pistol and wind-based ammunition. Yaa has two powerful skills, Breezeblast being one of them. With this ability, she can morph into an unstoppable cyclone and destroy adversaries (need to stand out to beat the competition, right?).

The update will revamp several existing game modes

The mechanics of several game variants have also been changed. One such instance is the addition of two rounds to each Payload Escort match, with each team swapping between the assault and defensive sides. Fast-paced matches will become even more unpredictable thanks to changes like these, which will introduce a new element of team strategy. A new competitive ranked mode is anticipated to be added to T3 Arena in a September release.