In a recent update, PUBG Mobile teased the launch of Nusa, their newest map. The PMPL, officially known as the PUBG Mobile Pro League Fall Split 2022, was where the reveal took place. The PMPL is a regional event for PUBG Mobile where teams may qualify for larger international competitions. Here is all the information you want on the brand-new PUBG Mobile map, Nusa.

Nusa will be a 1×1 semi-rural landscape map with a capacity of 32 players

The seventh map in the game, Nusa, will be the smallest one yet. The other six are Livik, Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok, and Karakin. It will be a 1:1 map with a maximum player count of 32. Nearly one-third of the other maps and half of Livik and Karakin are represented by this.

Nusa will have a diversified topography and a semi-rural setting. The gamers will be able to reach all of the area’s towering buildings, luscious meadows, and craggy cliffs.

Nusa in PUBG Mobile will have several unique features

The map will have several unique features, as concluded from the map’s beta gameplay available to the players as part of the 2.2 update. Some of these features are:


Nusa will have elevators in the high rises which will also be usable by the players. It will function just like a regular elevator in real life. Players will be able to choose which floor they will embark on after they get into the contraception. The elevator will take some time to reach the designated floor and the time will depend upon the floor entered.

Auto Recall

Another feature of this map will be its auto recall feature. Players who die after landing on the map will have another shot at the game after they are recalled without their teammate doing so manually. After their death, players will have to wait for 15 seconds before they are automatically recalled and brought into the battlefield again. One has to keep in mind that a recall will only be possible if at least one of the player’s teammates is alive on the battlefield.

Special pools

Nusa will have pools similar to the ones we already have on the Livik map in the Hot Springs. These pools will energize the player and automatically fill their boost bar bit by bit once they step into the water of the pool. This could be a crucial feature as it will allow players to heal without having to use their existing supplies.


Nusa will also have a network of a zipline. This will allow players to traverse a short distance over difficult terrain quickly and without hassle. But beware, you will be susceptible to attack when using the zipline. It immobilizes the player and makes them unable to use guns while using the feature.

Loot crates

The map will feature loot crates spawned randomly across the map. This is yet another feature found in the Livik map, at the Hot Springs location. Players will get supplies on opening it, which could be useful for the early game stages.