FIFA Mobile 22’s mid-season upgrade has finally been released by EA after first unveiling the game’s impending plans and the game’s restricted beta. A new game mode honoring the FIFA World Cup 2022 will also be released in November 2022, along with the much anticipated mid-season update featuring an upgraded lineup and uniforms.

The most recent FIFA Mobile update from EA does appear promising, and there is definitely a sense that there is a lot to look forward to.

FIFA Mobile 22 mid-season update

EA says that the impending update will improve the game experience with a new UI, a complete Roster Update based on recent transfers, and a Gameplay Update. Additionally, because it will be a mid-season update, players will keep all of their advancement from the previous season and be able to continue enhancing their teams. What EA has in store for the next Mid-Season Update is as follows:

  • Season Progression Update
  • FIFA World Cup 2022 Mode
  • Gameplay Update including Advanced Passing
  • Base Player Roster Update
  • New Kits and Crests
  • A Fresh New Look

Season Progression Update

The currently running FIFA Mobile season will go on as previously said. In actuality, the mid-season, as the update’s name implies, has just begun! The players’ progress on their teams won’t be lost because this is a Mid-Season Update.

Instead, participants in recent and forthcoming events will see continuous gains in their OVRs and metrics! For the current season, there won’t be any adjustments to levels for ranks, player training, and skill boosts. The developers will keep reviewing them and sharing updates as they become available.

FIFA World Cup 2022 gamemode

EA is releasing the FIFA World Cup 2022 gamemode in its mid-season update to honor the forthcoming athletic event, just to how the famous FIFA World Cup 2018 gamemode returned from FIFA 18 did. In the FIFA World Cup 2022 Mode, players may feel the thrill of competing against their favorite countries. The 32 real qualifying National Teams, which include Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, and Spain, are all playable by users.

All-new Advanced Passing mechanism

New gameplay mechanics and strategies, such as the new Advanced Passing, have been implemented by EA. With the new Advanced Passing, players may plan crucial trigger runs, discover the space to create opportunities in small gaps with dink passes, and penetrate opponents’ defenses with strong driven deliveries.

The new Advanced Passing introduces five distinct passing actions that the players can choose depending on the circumstance. Currently, players from India and Canada may test out the brand-new Advanced Passing method in FIFA Mobile 22’s ongoing restricted beta.