Congratulations to PH EXECRATION on winning the 2021 MLBB Southeast Asia Championship and becoming the new King of MLBB Southeast Asia.
After defeating the other representatives, the international blacklist in the finals.

The obstacles in their journey make them a great prize for their hometown, the MSC 2021 Award!

The journey of MSC 2021 was started by Team D, the executives managed to beat SG EVOS SG and LA Niightmare Esports and became the champion team aiming towards the Upper Bracket.

On the Upper Bracket, they also lost the ID EVOS Legends and continued their journey in the Lower Bracket. However, their spirits are on fire.
So they can still control their place in the finals.

In the finals, EXECRATION successfully defeated the Black List with a score of 4-1 and became the champion at MSC 2021!