Mojang firmly opposed NFT earlier this week and forbade the incorporation of any blockchain-derived technology into Minecraft.

Blockchain technologies are not allowed to be incorporated into our Minecraft client and server applications, nor may they be used to create NFTs linked to any in-game content, including worlds, skins, persona items, or other mods. This is done to guarantee that Minecraft players have a safe and inclusive experience. We will also be closely watching how blockchain technology develops in the future to make sure the aforementioned ideals are upheld and to see whether it will enable better secure gaming experiences or other useful and inclusive uses. We do not, however, currently have any plans to integrate blockchain technology into Minecraft.

The argument over NFT technology was rekindled by the announcement. Tim Sweeney, the creator of Epic Titles, reaffirmed his position that retailers shouldn’t forbid NFT games in a series of tweets.

Both you and the game developers should be allowed to choose how to create your favorite games. I think businesses like retailers and operating system developers need to refrain from imposing their opinions on others. We most certainly won’t.

We don’t utilize NFT ourselves or demand that developers who use our technology or services stop using NFT. Additionally, buyers are allowed to choose the things they wish to utilize right away.

Sweeney talked about how he would commercialize a metaverse game in a similar conversation. Recall that Epic got several investments for the creation of the metaverse.

Customers are being told they would never have a better experience than a billionaire if the greatest costumes in a metaverse-styled game cost $1,000,000. Unlike Fortnite and Minecraft, where nothing is beyond of anyone’s pricing range.

Developers will test a variety of strategies in a future open metaverse, from the egalitarian to the classic capitalist, and we’ll see what sticks. I predict that a lot of people will like metaverse elements that don’t only replicate real-world social issues.