Today, the popular mobile racing game KartRider Rush+ from Nexon and the electric vehicle racing competition ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, popularly known as Formula E, announced their partnership to provide racers with specific material and events.

KartRider Rush+ to feature new content during the Formula E collaboration

A completely new level of e-speed is included in GEN 2, the initial wave of content. Players have until September 1 to purchase the GEN 2 speed race kart. Players may also collect Formula E shards, which can be used to buy Formula E Balloon and Formula E Plate (permanent) (20).

Players may win shards by participating in races on three WKC courses up to Friday, August 19. In addition, gamers who sign in three days in a row from Friday, August 12, to Monday, August 15, will win a Formula E Decal (8) from KartRider Rush+.

On August 5, players can purchase a Formula E kart from Twinkle Star (Fri). From August 5 (Thu) through September 1 (Mon), it’s a new event where gamers may get Formula E and other incentives (Thu). Use Wishing Stars, which are available for purchase in the Shop, to enter the Twinkle Star drawing.

Use Wishing Stars to completely receive one prize from the list of rewards that are available. Every time a player draws, the needed number of Wishing Stars will rise. In the next Twinkle Star event, you can use the leftover Wishing Stars. Battery may be obtained by finishing five multiplayer races each week between 08/08 (Mon) and 09/04 (Sun) under the Banquet menu.

Celebrate the KartRider Rush+ x Formula E collaboration with an exciting event

Nexon has prepared a special event to celebrate the KartRider Rush+ and Formula E collaboration. Participants stand a chance to win various rewards. The submission period is 08/04 (Thu) ~ 08/10 (Wed) 23:59 (Server Time, SEA (UTC+8), WEST (UTC-7)).

To join the KartRider Rush+ x Formula E celebration players need to take a screenshot of them playing WKC tracks (Singapore/Korea/Brazil). Then they will need to complete a survey. Here are the rewards available during the event:

  • Support message + upload a screenshot + answer all three questions correctly = 20 Wishing Star
  • Support message + upload a screenshot + answer two questions correctly = 15 Wishing Star
  • Support message + upload a screenshot + answer only one question correctly = 10 Wishing Star
  • All participants = Turbo Crystal x10,000 + K-Coin x5,000

Each account can participate only once. Players will not receive any rewards if they didn’t upload the screenshot or used the wrong screenshot. The event will be for SEA/WEST players only. If players submit any wrong information like IGN or Member ID, they might not be able to receive any reward. Players cannot modify their answers once they submit the form. The event content may be changed depending on the situation and condition.