In order to include the global icon and one of the most significant mixed martial artists of the 20th century in the game, one of the most well-known mobile games in the world, PUBG Mobile, has partnered with The Bruce Lee Family Company.

Grab exciting items and complete fun challenges during PUBG Mobile x Bruce Lee collaboration

Bruce Lee, a martial artist and actor who is credited for igniting the western world’s interest in martial arts movies, is one of the most renowned characters of the 20th century. After honing his abilities in a variety of martial systems, Bruce Lee created his own, Jeet Kune Do, whose tenets may be used in both battle and difficult life circumstances.

With a multi-map celebration of the sport and special in-game elements showcasing the cultural significance of the fighting legend, PUBG Mobile will debut later this month. With unique Bruce Lee merchandise, such as clothing sets and headgear, PUBG Mobile will provide players a variety of ways to express themselves and adopt the recognizable style of this martial arts master.

To this day Bruce Lee is still an inspiration to so many across the world, said Vincent Wang, Head of PUBG Mobile Publishing, Tencent Games. As one of the most influential and well-known stars of the 20th century, many of PUBG Mobile players are huge fans of his. We’re incredibly proud to be honoring his legacy, bringing many elements of his signature look and personality to the game. I hope that this partnership will provide an amazing experience for PUBG Mobile players and Bruce Lee fans alike.”

A unique collection of in-game clothing and other products will be made available as a result of the cooperation for a limited time. Beginning January 10, players may adopt a variety of well-known martial arts master appearances due to the Bruce Lee Kung Fu Soul Set, Melee Expert Set, and Mr. Kung Fu Set.

There are a number of ornamental skins for automobiles, parachutes, and other objects, in addition to emotes with a Bruce Lee theme. Last but not least, from January 10 through January 26, gamers may take part in the Dreamrealm Apprentice event to acquire exclusive items by following Bruce Lee through a series of challenging tasks.