As many people may have seen at Swipe, Gamespot’s first-ever mobile showcase, the critically praised Little Nightmares is heading to mobile this winter! Bandai Namco Europe and Playdigious have released the brooding puzzle platformer Little Nightmares for iOS and Android with a transfer optimized for mobile devices. Explore or revisit this darkly funny adventure with a redesigned UI, Game Center achievements, and controller compatibility!

Little Nightmares has been carefully redesigned for mobile

Tarsier Studios’ computer game Little Nightmares tells the tale of Six, a little girl who must escape The Maw, an iron receptacle containing souls that have been corrupted. Find a way out and get ready to confront your worst childhood fears.

Through a harrowing mission, players must move slowly. Discover your childhood phobias while escape the frightening inhabitants of a haunted ship. Climb, run, and hide through creepy surroundings to solve difficult puzzles.

The Maw’s fantastic sound design lets you into its universe. Little Nightmares comes with an updated user interface, Game Center achievements, iCloud progress sharing between iOS devices, and support for MFI controllers.

Playdigious, a Montpellier, France-based publisher with in-house porting skills, is busy creating top-notch independent games for console, PC, and mobile platforms. The company was established in 2015 by Xavier Liard and Romain Tisserand, two successful businesspeople who had previously launched DotEmu.