OLED screens from LG are getting increasingly more compact. The business quietly published a product page for a brand-new 27-inch OLED gaming monitor (model 27GR95QE-B). The HDTVTest YouTube channel and TechSpot both caught up on the news when it initially appeared on Reddit. Given that it is less demanding than 4K, 1440p (QHD) resolution, which is increasingly popular among PC and console gamers, will be delivered by the company’s first OLED panel of this size. Its capacity to generate amazing image quality shouldn’t be affected by the drop from 4K to 1440p, though its anti-glare coating will likely have a different appearance than a glossy TV screen. The price of the new display is $999.99, although no official release date is given.

Its movable stand, which allows you to raise, lower, tilt, or even rotate the display into portrait position as desired, excites me. The major problem with using an OLED TV as your monitor should now be resolved; you can either cope with its fixed legs or remove them and mount the TV to your wall. With this, you may mount it to a monitor arm using the provided stand or by removing it (it weighs just 11.1 pounds without the stand).

It boasts a 110.8 pixels per inch (PPI) monitor, two HDMI connections, one DisplayPort, a headphone jack, digital optical audio, and two USB-A 3.0 downstream ports, according to the product page. But it doesn’t say which DisplayPort or HDMI versions we’re getting. Additionally, the max brightness is not mentioned. In order to find out whether there is further information, we have contacted corporate personnel. If we hear back, we will update.

With its angular stand and RGB LEDs integrated into its back, this gaming monitor stands out a little more than LG’s OLED TVs, which have a minimalist design and are intended to blend into your room. However, there isn’t much about the front of this OLED monitor that suggests it is designed for gaming if you mount it.

Fast response times and high refresh rates are often difficult to match with OLED TVs, and those characteristics carried over to this 27-inch monitor. Its reaction time is 0.3ms (LG says that the C2 OLED’s response time is 0.1ms), and its frequency doubles from 120Hz to 240Hz. While expensive monitors frequently feature hardware-based Nvidia G-Sync, LG lists this one as only “G-Sync compatible,” with AMD FreeSync Premium support.

Even while a 27-inch LG monitor costs $999.99, it is considerably less expensive than the company’s new 4K OLED displays for producers. Even while a 42-inch LG C2 with full-fat G-Sync, a 4K display, and other goodies is available for $899.99, this 27-inch model will fit better on your desk. Additionally, LG’s OLED TVs feature a 120Hz refresh rate restriction and no DisplayPort. The 34-inch 1440p QD-OLED gaming monitor from Alienware is another option in this price bracket and starts at $1,099.99. We’re excited to see the 27GR95QE-B in person, but until LG makes a more official announcement with additional details, we’ll have to wait.