Tencent has teamed up with the police to catch the mastermind who distributed the PUBG MOBILE Cheat (Hack) in the past.

For more than a year, Tencent has been tracking and cracking down on PUBG MOBILE PUBG MOBILE cheats, Tencent’s big game. The police headquarters, which cooperates with Tencent, was finally arrested on March 26, 2021, which is a huge crackdown.

Last year, Tencent filed a complaint with the Sula Police Headquarters to investigate and track down the perpetrators of Tencent’s major cheat games, especially PUBG MOBILE, which they marketed online. In their business, they can earn a lot of money from selling Cheat, including accepting members who always update the Cheat on a monthly basis.

By catching the perpetrators who cheated the game is not normal, they found with many of their luxury cars from the sale of Cheat (Hack) Game Online, which totaled more than 46 million dollars. They can earn at least $ 10,000 a day. Want to know how they work, watch the video below:

Source : Anti-Cheat Police Department