Team Vitality’s CS:GO team has teamed with the betting business GG.BET.

Vitality announced their newest collaboration with GG.BET as their official betting partner shortly after acquiring ENCE rifler Lotan “Spinx” Giladi. As part of their collaboration with Vitality’s CS:GO squad, GG.BET will provide activities for Vitality supporters at various gatherings. Throughout the rest of 2022 and 2023, the Vitality CS:GO lineup’s shirts will include the GG.BET logo.

An multinational esports betting firm called GG.BET collaborates with several streams, content producers, and event directors. GG.BET presently collaborates with Natus Vincere with a similar collaboration in addition to Team Vitality.

GG.BET CEO Dmitry Voshkarin stated, “We are happy to announce a cooperation with Team Vitality, a world-class esports team whose accomplishments we have been watching with great interest for a long time. “For GG.BET, this is the next natural step in our strategy to penetrate new regions and continue to promote the growth of esports. We are excited to engage on collaborative ventures and will do our best to please GG.BET users and Vitality fans.

To create a Danish-French superteam, Vitality declared in January 2022 that it has bought the Astralis trio of dupreeh, Magisk, and coach Zonic. The outcomes in 2022 have been meh, with the exception of coming in second in the BLAST Premier Spring Finals.

In the BLAST Premier Fall Groups at the end of August, the newest Vitality CS:GO lineup will compete for the first time.