On March 6, the 32nd day of The 2021 LCK Spring split ended in the second match of the same day, T1 defeated KT Rolster 2-0 and continued to stand at the same level. Park “Teddy” Jin-seong has been named Player of the Game in Game 1 for his performance on Aphelios.

After the match, Teddy joined Inven Global for a post-victory interview

While we gave Double kills to Bot Lane during the first game, I’m glad we took care of this game.

What works well for the team as well as what can the team do to improve?

In my opinion, double kills twice in Bot Lande, it will never happen. In the second game, we had to determine our position to fight with Zoe and Senna effectively, but we went deep into enemy territory.

We saw new champions like Jinx and Varus at Bot Lane champion pool in this patch. How do you rate those new champions of the bot lane meta?

In this meta, Jinx’s strength comes from her long range, follow-up CC that can be associated with her support, the solo-kill / gank she has on Lane, and Clear wave very quickly. . However, she is easily caught out and struggles to kill the tanks as well.
For Varus other than his low dps on Baron Nashor and I do not think he has many flaws. I think he will be on the tier list high on the list.

In recent days, due to frequent changes to the starting line-up, the T1 is gaining traction. What do you think about this?

I was also part of A large roster in 2019 and at that time, even when we lost five games, there was no substitute. However, due to the frequent changes to the starting line-up, it is difficult to build consistency. If it was the same five players we could still have improved on our losses, but now it is more difficult.

What do other players think of the current system today?

I would have lied if I had said there was no stress. We are not talking about it, but I can say that they will not feel stressed about it.

In your opinion, what percentage do you trust between the player and the coach?

Setting aside roster issues There are many games that you play incorrectly on an individual level. I believe that players should not be satisfied with the player roster. We all have to do our best and hope we win the game.

T1’s next opponent is Gen.G. What is the main point of the game? And what are the points that the team will focus on the game?

Gen.G has 5 outstanding players in all 5 roles and the gameplay and team battles are unpredictable, rather than focusing on just one key point of the matchup, we need to improve on all aspects. Out of the game to beat them.