One of the key words for LCK 2021 season is “communication” and it belongs to
League of Legends, T1, it’s a scary thing. Fans opened up by communicating via LED trucks, calling for changes in the organization that led to the signing of coaches Yang “Daeny” Dae-in and leader Lee “Zefa” Jae-min. DAMWON Gaming to Summoner’s Cup in 2020.

Content experts communicate by executing their craft. Singers and performers. Journalists write articles. And coaches communicate by winning games – not by giving interviews that are nothing more than good bonuses for fans. Last month, T1 coach Daeny defended the team’s 10-man roster and the standard for a start.

“After I joined the T1 team, the players had a chance to find another team, but there were players who trusted me and decided to stay. “What I told them was that in order to bring T1 to the world, I firmly believe that the list of 10 men will benefit.”

Before the start of this parting, not only did we get a good understanding of the Meta champions, we also played well and felt that we were very consistent. However, it is unfortunate that we started 1-2 in the morning and if we win one more match I feel the players will be easier. The loss is painful, but the growth comes from our failure. But the words of the coach are nothing if the fans can not see their intentions in the game. And now it’s hard to predict or draw conclusions from T1, a team that started eight different games in seven weeks but got stuck in the middle of the standings and that’s a problem.

This issue excludes T1 and applies to all LCK groups (and not only). Team officers will often complain, saying, “You do not know what is going on in the team.” As a journalist, I want to know. But as a fan, I just want to see high quality games. Gossip is not good enough, and at the end of a good game, gossip. Fans too. That is the beauty of sports. Player A makes the ball play faster. Player B has a good focus in the middle / end of the game. Even in failure, using less force means something, but that is not T1’s loss, and a game that gives you victory and quality is meaningless. Six weeks of spring, T1’s losses have not told the fans anything and have not yet convinced them that they can really win. Their loss is a bottomless ship that no effort can fill. That is why T1 coaches are failing the basic principles of communication.