The idea that every match in the League of Legends World Championship has a “must-win” atmosphere is not absurd. Teams only have six opportunities in a group to win, thus the sooner you fall behind, the sooner victory becomes mathematically necessary.

For T1 and Cloud9, however, today’s match was a real must-win for each team as last place in Group A loomed—whether it be in the form of sole possession or a hypothetical tie. This was because both teams lost games on day two of the group stage.

But T1 put C9 to the bottom of Group A with a 25-minute rout.

Although the two heritage groups seldom miss major international competitions, they haven’t often had the chance to play one another. Since 2014, T1 and C9 have only faced off in six games (including this one), and T1 has completely dominated their head-to-head series, taking the victory in each of those games.

When Group A competes in its second round robin at Worlds on Thursday, Oct. 13, the two teams will definitely cross paths at least one more.

The fact that Jensen and Faker, who have both spent a significant amount of time with their present teams, have faced each other in five of those six games is what stands out most about the period between the games. Today, Jensen lost against Faker, who triumphed. The “Demon King” scored 0/1/9 in favor of the squad.

Faker played in his 100th World Championship match tonight. If it wasn’t clear, that is the most number of any player in the game’s history. And although 100 games is astounding on its own, regardless of the outcome, the most amazing aspect of Faker’s World Championship legacy may simply be the fact that he won 72 of those games.

It appears that Faker’s entire champion pool is also meta in this year’s tournament. After picking Akali twice to start the group stage, he chose Lissandra today. It’s just a matter of time before he chooses other meta champions in this competition, like his similarly well-traveled selections of Azir, LeBlanc, and Viktor, the former of whom he has already used 113 times in his career, according to League analytics website Games of Legends.

T1, C9, Fnatic, and EDG won’t return to the Worlds stage until Oct. 13, when they’ll play all of their second round-robin matches in a single day as is customary for Worlds due to Group A having an off-day tomorrow.

C9 is the only winless team in the group. Everyone else sits with a record of 2-1.