In the 2021 LCK Spring Split match between T1 and Gen.G on March 13, T1 shows a list of all the shifting members at the top. In the first game, the Top Lane section carried the game and the Bot Lane section carried in the second game of T1. Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan, who played for the first time in 42 days, played Hecarim in both games and closed 2-0.

“I have not played for a while. “I am just happy that everything we did together worked well.” “I gained a lot of confidence during training, so I think we can win if I do not make mistakes.” Regarding his own play, he seemed satisfied and said, “In both games I made a few mistakes, I’m satisfied with my play except those mistakes. I think my technique is very good in playing and team competitions as well.

Cuzz has not been played since January 31. He may have wanted to play for a long time. “There are times when I can not show up in the game, I understand,” Cuzz said. “We are still in the spring split and since I can not give up, I have tried to keep my technique as good as possible in the solo queue. “I’m still preparing for the official match by inspecting the team and watching the match.”

He also has a few words about T1’s list of 10. “It’s positive that players can share their experiences to learn about the unknown. It’s good to have a teammate I can count on to help when things get tough. With the exception of Ryu “Keria” Min-seok, our roster now has players who have been playing together for a long time. We focus on the details today.

Cuzz did not praise T1 coach Yang “Daeny”. Coach Daeny tries to understand the players’ feelings. He has a strong passion for LOL and plays solo queue more. When he sees a good champion, he experiments several times in the solo queue and finds the advantage by talking to the players. I am greatly encouraged by his efforts. I want to get more experiences to share. ”

T1’s remaining matches are with DRX, Afreeca Freecs and Hanwha Life Esports. For the rest of the game, Cuzz said, “Regardless of our opponents, we will do our best to organize and focus on the game.”