A Fortnite and Polo Ralph Lauren partnership is about to hit the game, claims a press statement from the fashion brand. In order to add in-game cosmetics and things to the favored battle royale game, the well-known apparel and accessory business will work with Epic Games.

When it comes to adding new material to the game, the Fortnite creators never fail to let their fans down. Players continue to have a great time with the Fortnitemares event, which is currently going on. The gamers will be even more enthusiastic about the impending partnership with this update.

The Fortnite x Ralph Lauren collaboration will bring sport-inspired digital outfits to the game

According to the press release, “Polo Ralph Lauren has reinvented its famous emblem for the first time in the brand’s history to fit effortlessly into the expressive world of Fortnite. The Polo x Llama is created when the Fortnite Llama and Polo Pony combine.

Both the iconic llama from Fortnite and Ralph Lauren’s famed Polo are honored with the term Polo x Llama. Through the creation of two skins with a black and red color scheme, the renowned brand will combine its sporty-inspired clothing with the expansive Fortnite universe.

Digital costumes with a sporting theme from the Polo Stadium collection for Fortnite will be included in this partnership. The athletes will be able to express their finest selves with these distinctive Polo Stadium appearances. They claim that the game will promote a new sports spirit. However, neither Fortnite nor Polo Ralph Lauren have provided any information on the launching date for their partnership.