Since Sony announced the PlayStation 5, sales of next-generation consoles have never seemed to stabilize, as Sony’s ability to produce is low due to a number of issues while demand from buyers. The back is really high. That is why Sony delayed as well as suspended resale several times.

Meanwhile, there is a new report from Bloomberg that Sony has decided to reduce the production of the PS5 due to a major problem that hinders its production. Sony’s previous forecast for the PS5 was 16 million units, but now it has cut its forecast to 15 million units and set a sales target of 14.8 million units. As of March next year.

The main problem that caused Sony to suffer is, firstly, due to the lack of chips and key components, but not only this, the issue of transportation is also a big reason for Sony’s project. Missed too.

The reason for the shipping problem is due to the fact that most of the vaccines are not yet available in the countries where Sony makes its chips. However, the above problem is not unique to Sony, obviously for the gaming industry, other manufacturers such as Nintendo are experiencing similar problems.