Crunchyroll is an app with 5 million regular subscribers around the world, with a total of 120 million registered subscribers, compared to 3 million paid subscribers as well as total subscribers. 90 million accounts during December 2020. Until recently, Crunchyroll also officially announced that Sony had already acquired them for a total of $ 1.175 billion, as previously announced.

Therefore, both Anime movie services Funimation and Crunchyroll are under the same Sony Pictures from now on to expand this business even further. According to the announcement, Sony has confirmed to fans that it is a unique opportunity to serve anime fans like never before and offer all kinds of experiences, such as movie theaters, events, and more. Games and live streaming. In addition, the combination of the two services will not be limited to major countries such as the United States, with plans to launch anime fans in all regions of the world.