Sony’s biggest problem right now is that they can’t supply enough PlayStation 5 consoles, as demand for the PlayStation 5 continues to grow. In fact, according to a report from VGChartz today, as of the second week of July 2021, Sony has sold 10.1 million PlayStation 5 consoles.

That means that in just 35 weeks, the PlayStation 5 has sold more than 10 million units, making it Sony’s fastest-selling console selling 10 million units in the same period. While the PlayStation 4 took 39 weeks to sell 10.1 million units. As of the second week of July 2021, Microsoft has sold nearly 6 million Xbox Series X / S consoles, according to the source. By comparison, the PlayStation 5 is significantly more supported than the Xbox Series X / S. After all, I think Microsoft has achieved remarkable results compared to their predecessors.

Not only that, according to information from the same source also made us know that from the first launch until the second week of July 2021, PlayStation 4 sold. More than 115 million units have been released. The Nintendo Switch sold more than 88 million units, while the Xbox One sold more than 50 million units.