Last night, according to Sony’s website, Sony has officially decided to acquire Housemarque Studio. With Housemarque Studio being the exclusive PS5 returnal game maker, Sony has also stated that the reason they decided to buy Housemarque Studio was because of their ability to produce games that could Impress your fans.

Sony also confirmed that before deciding to officially acquire Housemarque Studio, they partnered with Housemarque Studio to produce games for the PlayStation for many years. Apparently, in addition to Returnal, Housemarque Studio has also produced Super Stardust and Dead Nation games for the PlayStation. Ilari Kuittinen, co-founder and managing director of Housemarque Studio, said they were proud to be part of the PlayStation Studio family.

Moreover, Ilari Kuittinen also expects and believes that under the management of Sony, they will be able to produce games that are bigger and bigger than Returnal. Not only that, but based on the leaked poster image that Sony team accidentally posted on its Twitter account, it hints that in addition to Housemarque Studio, Sony may also acquire Bluepoint Games Studio, which is Producer of Demon’s Soul Remake is also exclusive.