Sony officially announced its first VR headset more than five years ago, then known as PS VR or PlayStation VR. After announcing the PS VR for a long time, in February 2021, Sony announced that it was working on a new generation of PS VR. Later in March, it unveiled a controller for the VR Headset. It is not until January 2022 that Sony decides that its next-generation VR headset will be called the PlayStation VR2 or PS VR 2.

After more than a month of unveiling, Sony has now decided to officially announce the design of the PlayStation VR 2, as we can see that it has received a number of unique facelifts and uses the same colors. The PlayStation 5 is actually black and white. In addition, the PS VR2 also brings a number of key enhancements, including the Lens Adjustment Dial, which allows users to set the distance between the lens and their eyes to aid in viewing. Also.

Not only that, this time Sony also reduced the weight of the PS VR2 to be a little lighter as well, despite the addition of more functions, and another important point is that they have designed a new ventilation system to ventilate. Good access to prevent the PS VR2 lens from opaque while in use.

The PS VR2 also supports Haptic Feedback, Eye Tracking, 4K HDR, 90 / 120Hz Frame Rate and a 110-degree field of view. In addition, Sony’s next-generation VR devices can connect to the PS5 with just a USB-C plug.

Well, these are the key points that Sony has revealed to us so far, obviously, there are still many points that have not been revealed, such as the release time or price, so all we can do is Waiting to see the presentation of this Japanese company.