Sony recently announced the new PlayStation Plus, which has been rumored to be competing with the Xbox Game Pass. The new PlayStation Plus is a combination of two current Sony services, the older PlayStation Plus and the PlayStation Now.

The new PlayStation Plus is available in three variants and will be officially launched in June for Asia and will soon be available in North America, Europe and the rest of the world. With this new service, this means that the current PlayStation Now will no longer be available as a standalone service, as it will be integrated with the new PlayStation Plus.

The first option of the new service, PlayStation Plus Essential, costs $ 9.99 per month, and its benefits are similar to those of the current PlayStation Plus, such as Online Multiplayer Access, with two games available for download. Monthly, get discount and have Cloud Storage for Save Games.

Following this option is the PlayStation Extra option, which costs $ 14.99 per month and enjoys the same benefits as all the Essential options, but with up to 400 PS4 or PS5 games.

Finally, the most expensive option, called PlayStation Plus Premium, takes advantage of the other two options above all, but it adds 340 more games, including PS3 games via Cloud Streaming. In addition, the Time-limited Game Trail is also available in this option, which means that subscribers will be able to try out various games before purchasing those games, and for the price of this option is $ 17.99 per month.