Today, the shortage of chips is still a major issue for the technology sector, so we see that most of the company’s products are delayed. Speaking of chip shortcomings, we recently received a report on a joint venture between Sony and TSMC.

Sony and TSMC are currently considering a joint venture to set up a joint chip plant in Japan, according to a new report. What is special is that the Japanese government itself is also reported to be interested in this investment, and may also invest in Sony and TSMC in the amount of up to 7.15 thousand dollars.

The location of the chip plant is likely to be in the south of Japan, and the target chip will be used in the automotive, imaging and many other products.

As we all know, TSMC is a leading chip maker in the world, so many countries want this company to set up a factory in their own country. Made in Japan. Sony, on the other hand, is certainly not a chip maker, but a major manufacturer in the field of consumer electronics, such as cameras, as well as other major products.