According to many sources cited by Dot Esports, the North American company NRG is getting ready to cut their stand-in player from the VALORANT team.

Zander “thwifo” Kim, the sixth player signed by NRG in December, will reportedly be cut from the squad, according to sources. Thwifo was hired as a stand-in to meet the roster requirements imposed by tournament organisers and game creators Riot Games for associated teams.

Dot knows that NRG will designate an inside player as the sixth man rather than anticipate to sign another player.

Thwifo did not play a match for NRG during his three-month stint. The team competed at VCT LOCK//IN in February but failed to qualify for the playoff bracket. NRG was defeated by eventual runners-up LOUD in the semifinals on Feb. 19.

Thwifo was known for his stint on T1 and competed with XSET for most of 2021.

The move comes after fellow NA organization Cloud9 began the March transfer window with the release of yay, former teammate of the NRG core, as reported by Max Katz and Dot Esports in late February.

Cloud9 didn’t stop there either. The team parted ways with in-game leader vanity, as reported by Max Katz and Dot Esports. The organization has actively begun to trial multiple different players from the semi-professional circuit. Some of the players include the likes of former Soniqs in-game leader Runi among others, as reported by Dot Esports.

Sentinels have also made a change to the substitute bench. The org temporarily suspended sixth man SicK following his jail confinement for criminal trespassing earlier this month.