Nowadays, earning money from mining digital currency or Cryptocurrency is getting more and more interesting, and in order to do this, Miner needs to have a lot of graphics card setup. Due to the increase in the number of miners, the number of graphics card sales that used to be mined has increased, so should you buy a used graphics card?

Following the increase in sales of graphics cards used for mining, there has been a growing warning from graphics manufacturers themselves about possible problems when using second-hand graphics. According to the company itself, it has been warned not to buy graphics cards that have been used in mining, because according to research, second-hand graphics cards will be reduced by 10% every year, so if it used to be. The longer it is mined, the lower its capacity will be.

This downside is definitely due to the fact that using Mining does not allow the GPU to rest, in fact, it runs 24 hours a day, every day (24/7), so the GPU goes through very difficult situations on a regular basis, such as booting. The heat lasts forever and so on.

However, the above is only a demonstration of the GPU manufacturer, but according to actual tests from many testers, the GPU speed that used to be mined compared to the new GPU does not seem to be much different than the company confirmed.