Some of you may already be familiar with Samsung’s The Frame smart TV, which is a TV model that is made to look different from other regular TVs. Allows buyers to choose the color of the bezel edge to their liking and has more than 1,600 paintings already available in their Art Store.

Samsung has just announced the new The Frame smart TV in 2022, with a number of enhancements that make the new model even more useful. Samsung has confirmed that it will be equipped with a matte screen that can reduce glare and also help to make the graphics on the screen more realistic. The picture is drawn as well as displayed on real paper.

As shown in the picture below, the screen has a sharp texture, it can eliminate the reflection of the light well and also help users to see the colors displayed on the screen more clearly.

It should be noted that for The Frame 2022 series, Samsung offers a choice of up to 7 different sizes, starting from 32 inches, and the largest option is up to 85 inches. For other features, it is very similar to the previous generation, obviously has a 4K HDR display. Although The Frame has unique features, it lacks the functionality that other top TVs have, such as the inability to support 120Hz Refresh Rate and Variable Refresh Rate, and still not support Dolby Vision. .

As for the price and official release time, Samsung has not confirmed at this time, so we are always waiting to see.