Samsung has officially announced a new generation of display called The Wall, which is a large screen up to 1,000 inches, and more importantly, it uses a MicroLED display. For the new generation of The Wall, Samsung claims that each LED is 40 percent smaller than the previous generation, which will help increase the contrast as well as the color level.

The South Korean company added that the new The Wall display features a new AI processor that delivers image quality as well as higher contrast levels, as well as eliminating glare. Also. This Dock connection has also been improved by Samsung via wireless connectivity, and this time its thickness has been halved. The display has a lot of options, obviously there is an 8K model with a refresh rate of 120Hz, as well as options with a resolution of up to 16K (15,360 x 2,160 pixels).

Not only that, Samsung also confirmed that its next-generation display has a brightness of up to 1,600 nits, which is a benefit from the use of MicroLED display technology.

The South Korean company also claims that the new generation of The Wall will provide the same ease of installation, in fact, it can be placed in many ways, whether attached to the wall or on the ceiling. However, the display is Samsung has brought to some markets, not the general sale, and for the price has not been confirmed.

Thus, the above is the new generation of Samsung Wall, which is not a product for every consumer, instead, it is made to display images or video content according to the needs of large stores or Large public places with a lot of people.