Rogue are the first team to qualify for the 2021 League of Legends after five games against the Misfits in the LEC Summer Split qualifiers. It has been a great year for Rogue so far, especially after Rogue reached the top three in the LEC. Big changes from 2020 to the present have happened, especially for Top lane. Veteran Odoamne has been selected to replace Finn so that the team can advance to the knockout stages and gain international experience.

With a strong stance like Odoamne at Top Lane, all of Rogue’s young stars are training themselves to become the best players in the region. For example, the mid-jungle duo of Inspired and Larssen are now known as the best players in Europe, and it is also the first time in LEC history that Jungler players have received a Pentakill in Their last game against the Misfits.