Rain, a longtime member of the legendary Counter-Strike team FaZe Clan, has acknowledged that the squad’s performance this year has been patchy. After dropping two recent games to OG (1-2) and Heroic, the foreign roster hasn’t been playing up to their Major-winning level (10-16).

In an interview with HLTV on August 28, rain said, “I believe it’s simply been an off start to the [season], which is not the start we want at all, and we know from watching all our games, practices, and everything, we’re not the same FaZe as last season.

We have a lot of work to do for the upcoming events, he continued.

According to the Norwegian entry, the team was still talking to each other as much as they had been, but their teamwork had suffered as a result of taking a “holiday from the computers” during the customary mid-year CS:GO player break.

“We still had a break from the teamplay we genuinely need,” he said, acknowledging that FaZe’s performance has to be improved. There are several minor errors in this competition (the BLAST Premier Fall Groups), which is obviously missing.

The Norwegian noted that while FaZe supporters shouldn’t worry too much just now, they might have to wait a while for the team—and particularly himself—to return to form.