Grand Theft Auto, or what most players call a car thief, is definitely waiting to hear about the next generation of games from Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) long ago, but past Rockstar The developer of this game has not yet come out with any confirmation.

Finally, on the night of February 4, Rockstar officially announced that they are developing a new generation of games that succeed the Grand Theft Auto V or GTA V, but have not shown us clearly. Regarding the name of the new game, and in fact the high percentage that we can expect is likely to be called Grand Theft Auto VI itself.

Rockstar confirms that the new game development phase is now running smoothly and for when the game will be officially released, more will be announced when it is ready.

Rockstar also announced the release of the new GTA V and GTA Online Version to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S players on March 15. In the new version, Rockstar claims to have added and enhanced graphics, such as this time up to 60fps with 4K resolution, support for Ray Tracing, HDR, as well as enhance the surface of the component. Other and so on.