Riot Games has released the music video and the anthem for VALORANT Champions 2022, “Fire Again.”

As EMEA’s Acend won the prestigious title of VCT Champions in 2021, Riot published “Die for You,” starring Grabbitz, as VALORANT’s first official Champions anthem last year. The 16 teams from all around the world are prepared to compete once more in the largest event of the year for VALORANT.

The song “Fire Again” was performed by Ashnikko, and the music video shows a VALORANT agent and action-packed animated surroundings. In the three-minute music video, characters can be seen sprinting and fighting one another until making an ultimate dash for the middle, where animated representations of the VCT Champions 2022 competitors first emerge. The name of the hymn is then revealed in the last explosion of the clip.

The first day of VCT Champions 2022, which will take place in Istanbul, is Sept. 2, when all 16 teams compete in a group stage to earn a place in the playoffs. Two weeks will pass between the annual event and its big finale on September 18, when one squad will be crowned the most valiant of the 2022 competitive season.

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