Riot Games has released a new news website and has changed its logo. Riot Games, launched in 2006, is updating and expanding its reach to create a “more cohesive visual system.” In a press release, Riot explained how these changes and updates will set the company up for “long-term success”. In addition, the company will create special assets, including unique typing, that will help the gaming community get to know it more easily.

“As we make it a bit more modern, we want to keep the original spirit of the punch symbol and make it clear that Riot GAMES remains our core,” Riot said.

In addition, Riot is launching its new media site, which will serve as a major source of information for the press. With pages for each Riot and Riot Forge game, the new platform will include things to know about the company, including assets, biographies, executives, and fact sheets for each game. To access all available content you will need to create an account and sign in after that, anyone can receive a notification when a new update is made on the site.

It is unclear how the community will react to these changes, but Riot said the update does not change its mission and objectives to become the most player-focused gaming company in the world.