The hints were accurate: on July 26, when the open beta officially begins, LeBron James, the King of the Court, will join MultiVersus. However, Rick and Morty will also be joining the fighting game for its inaugural season, so he won’t be doing it alone.

That’s correct, in a video game featuring Batman, Bugs Bunny, and the Iron Giant, basketball great LeBron James will compete. And based on today’s San Diego Comic-Con reveal video, he appears to be more than capable of holding his own with some extremely inventive techniques that mostly entail utilizing a basketball as a weapon.

You can slam and jam with the LeBron from Space Jam 2 by throwing the ball, striking opponents from a distance, or dunking them into oblivion. John Bentley, who most notably played Barrett in the Final Fantasy VII remake and Nick Fury in several Marvel films, provided the voice for him.

The NBA player will join the Iron Giant, who was included during early access last week, as the first new playable character to be introduced to MultiVersus with the open beta. He will concentrate on getting close to his opponents and upsetting them because he is a Bruiser-class fighter.

In earlier releases, we had previously seen some information about LeBron leak, including some of the interactions he had with other characters. Along with LeBron during the MultiVersus event at San Diego Comic-Con, other characters including Rick and Morty from Rick and Morty were also displayed on a slide. Even throughout the LeBron teaser, Rick’s map was displayed.

The first season of the game will include both Rick and Morty, with Morty premiering first on August 9. Morty will be a projectile character with lots of counters to toss out, while Rick’s gameplay will be focused on his portal cannon and other devices.

With Warner Bros. sponsoring a $100,000 MultiVersus tournament at Evo 2022, which begins on August 7, you can anticipate even more character introductions and information to be released in the upcoming weeks.