With the release of the Inzone gaming headphones earlier this month, Sony entered the market for gaming accessories. There are many unique features in the range, but nothing beats a little plug-and-play ease, and that’s precisely what the H3 model offers.

The H3 is a rather basic wired headset, in contrast to the H6 and H9 wireless variants. It’s simple to connect it to your gaming laptop, PS5 controller, or Nintendo Switch using a regular audio connector and start playing your favorite games.

It’s a fairly good value as far as wired headphones are concerned. I enjoy playing games on my Nintendo Switch, and Monster Hunter is a fantastic game for grinding in public. In that regard, the H3 is really good due to how comfy the side cups are.

To put things in perspective, I’ve never been a big fan of putting headphones in a bag. I’m the sort of man who thought that headphones should be worn around your neck as a fashion statement, allowing you to aloofly look off into the horizon and wonder whether you are the last person on earth.The issue is that not many headphones can be worn in that way for extended periods of time without irritating your neck or, worse, compressing it.

With the H3, that’s not really the case; the soft cushions are a nice touch even in neckwear mode, and despite the amount of padding they utilize, you never feel like it’s biting into your skin.

The H3 headphones are quite fashionable from a visual standpoint. Since they have a more vintage vibe than round headphones, I particularly like the more capsule-shaped headphones. Although the color is a perfect match for a normal PS5, I worry about things like getting them soiled because of it. However, you’ll undoubtedly feel the urge to genuinely care for them, just like you would with a pair of white Jordans.

Clear And Crisp Audio

Despite its accessory status, the H3 is a genuinely good piece of gaming technology. It has astonishingly clear sound and effectively blocks out the rest of the outer world. It’s remarkable how rich and diverse all the noises can be while you search the environment for a gorgeous monster that will soon be made into a fine hat, even in a game like Monster Hunter Rise that isn’t particularly about the atmosphere.

With headphones, each sort of sound seems unique; for example, the high-pitched ding that occurs when your character switches skills is much crisper than the more ethereal environmental music. I’m sure there’s a more technical name for this. The Sony Inzone H3 headphones are undoubtedly going to be helpful if you’ve ever wished to express your ideas and appreciate the subtle sound effects in a game.

This applies to other games as well. For example, Elden Ring’s creepy atmosphere sounds fantastic with the H3 headphones since everything from your boots stomping on the boss gate to Godrick’s axe scratching on the ground as he punishes you for a poor roll sound fantastic in your ears.

With your PS5, of course, is where you’ll want to check this out the most. These sound fantastic with games that support 3D audio, giving you the impression that you’re living in a hellhole imprisoned in a time loop as in Returnal. The H3 deliver in this regard since high-definition sound is a fantastic feature that can only be fully heard with a decent set of headphones. They’re even wonderful for music, however getting them to work with Apple products to try out Spatial Audio may be a bit more difficult given that that ecosystem has abandoned audio jacks.

Talk to your friends informally

The integrated microphone is another fantastic feature. Since it’s just so excellent, there’s hardly much to say about it. In my home studio, I typically use a large condenser microphone, so I was extremely surprised to find that the H3’s microphone is quite close in quality. It will be excellent for games and meetings, even if you might not want to utilize it for anything like, say, your next major song cover.