You may describe the new PowerA MOGA XP7-X Plus controller for Xbox Cloud Gaming as a “ambitious” new product since it goes above and beyond to include some unusual capabilities. The end result is a controller that is entertaining to use, especially under certain conditions, albeit having a few flaws as well.

First, let’s talk about the two main aspects. First off, the MOGA XP7-X Plus features a removable stand that you can place on any desk and insert your phone into to use a “Tabletop Mode” similar to that of the Nintendo Switch. You can tilt your phone at two different angles to suit your requirements, and it works okay. Additionally, the controller has a pocket in the middle where you may keep the carrying stand when not in use.

The wireless power bank included into the controller, which is another standout feature of the set, allows you to protect your phone’s battery from running out while playing games. As long as you have enough juice, you may start by toggling the wireless battery button because the power bank is refilled when you charge the controller itself.

Both of these are unquestionably desirable features, and they are complemented by other positive elements like the controller’s two back buttons that can be mapped and its ability to pair with other devices through Bluetooth or a USB connection. Unfortunately, micro-USB rather than USB-C is used for the USB connection, which looks odd in 2022.

We’re usually pleased with the MOGA XP7-X Plus’s comfort level. The face buttons, RB, and LB are all pleasant, and the analog sticks have a good textured feel. You have to struggle a little bit with RT and LT since they feel very stiff in the fingertips and are essentially our only genuine frustrations. Nevertheless, you adjust to it very soon.

The wireless power bank gives the MOGA XP7-X Plus a noticeable weight when held in the hand, and the weight is only increased when a phone is included. Although, as we’ve previously stated, we find it more comfortable than something like a Nintendo Switch Lite, it’s still typically comfortable to use even for extended amounts of time. Perhaps the larger form factor is what makes it suitable for larger hands like ours. However, it might not meet your demands as well if you prefer a smaller form factor.

With a few noteworthy features that you wouldn’t often encounter, the PowerA MOGA XP7-X Plus is an excellent Xbox Cloud Gaming controller for Android and PC all things considered. The micro-USB port, the RT and LT buttons, and the somewhat heavier weight are a few drawbacks as well, but overall, the advantages outweigh the drawbacks, and we believe you’ll love using this as your next dedicated xCloud or Xbox Remote Play controller.