Apex Legends will change the name of Wattson’s upcoming Charge Conquistador.
The move follows a series of requests within the APEX community regarding the use of the term “Conquistador”, a term associated with American colonies.

Design director Jason McCord said: “I believe this will change before it goes live. Otherwise, sooner or later.” “Down.”

Skin shows that Wattson wears a morion helmet, a typical helmet from Spain and Portugal, as well as a suit of armor. The name Charged Conquistador is a clear proof of origin.

Many fans have expressed dissatisfaction with cosmetic’s name since “Conquistador” was worn by the American colonies.

“Conquistadores are directly linked to the destruction of the empire and culture,” according to a network of dangers.
Through murder, epidemics, and the many slaves they associated with the discovery of the New World. “So we do not need to name Wattson’s skin ‘Conquistador’, we can use other names because hats and uniforms Popular from other countries.

Typically, “Conquistador” is a term loaded with: it includes Spanish and Portuguese explorers assigned to the United States beginning in the 16th century. The literal meaning of the words in both languages ​​is “winner” and it has an indisputable connection to the colony of
America, a bloody process that led to the death of indigenous peoples and cultures.

This is not the first time Respawn has moved into APEX due to concerns. In previous games, Caustic referred to Crypto as “the water rat”, a derogatory term for growing up on the streets or as an orphan. According to one supporter, “RAT” was used primarily for Asians during World War II, according to one supporter and several examples of WWII propaganda comparing Japanese. To mice. The developers quickly eliminated both interactions.