With their most stunning victory of the NA VALORANT Champions Tour Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) thus far, 100 Thieves extended their excellent lower bracket run today. A dominant 2-0 victory against Cloud9 set up a rematch with previous rivals FaZe Clan in the lower bracket final.

In order to proceed without the Chamber crutch, C9 broke out a novel agent comp on 100T’s Haven choice, deciding to place leaf back on Jett and mitch on Killjoy. C9 took an early start on defense, leaping out to a 5-1 advantage, and held both superb and bang off the scoreboard for the entire six-round match. However, 100T fought back following a break and a frugal round victory, with Will stepping up for his side on Chamber. Despite a poor start, 100T won six straight attack rounds to take a 7-5 lead at the interval.

When C9 stopped 100T from expanding their advantage when they switched to defense, they dropped another devastating cheap round to the Sheriffs, allowing 100T to take an unstoppable 12-7 lead. While Asuna and Bang anchored the site to end Ascent, 13-7, a mid-to-A execute for C9 failed.

With a perfect Frenzy 4k to send 100T the first pistol round to their defensive half, Stellar got Fracture off to a fast start. However, it was Cloud9 who had success using a double-sided strike to target the A site. Throughout the first half, the teams swapped rounds back and forth, but 100T put together a string of strong defensive rounds following a stoppage to take a 7-5 lead into the locker rooms.

After winning the pistol and anti-eco rounds on defense for C9, the map was quickly knotted, and curry then provided what ought to have been a significant momentum-shifter with a one-vs-three clutch retake in the bonus round. Unfortunately, C9’s streak was ended by another expensive frugal round loss, this time anchored by a Derrek post-plant, and 100T rocked them in three consecutive painful attack rounds to win the match 13-10.

The revival of 100 Thieves following Stage One is currently in full swing, and Sean Gares’ youthful core of players is gelling well. Fittingly, their next match is against FaZe Clan, a rival they’ve seen three times in excellent series throughout Stage Two and this LCQ, with FaZe winning the last two.

The two will compete in a best-of-five match that begins on Saturday, August 13 at 3 p.m. CT to determine who will win the rivalry this year. The victor will advance to Sunday’s games against The Guard and VCT Champions 2022.